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Best Type of Wax for Your Car

Most of the car owners really want their car to appear shiny and well-maintained. It does not only tell what type of person the owner is, it also tells that a vehicle can stay as shiny as a new one all the time depending on how one cares for it.

Almost all waxes require testing, patience and time. It all depends on how quick you work, how meticulous you are, the size of your vehicle and its type of paint, and the product you choose, expect to allocate at least an hour to do a good output.

Things to consider

If the car is still new or one to two years old and still has a good finish, easy spray wax is all you need for the vehicle. Deciding on this, still keep in mind that these products wear out the fastest and they are best suited to special occasion applications or the weekly activities. While a quick spray-wax treatment can freshen-up the vehicle’s look, no wax will defeat the shine of a new car.

Waxing will help preserve the finish of your vehicle over time if you don’t plan to replace your car for a while and if you have an older car, or one whose finish has already started to oxidize or has embedded dirt, you may want to consider a wax that scored significantly high for cleaning to help bring back and keep the finish of the vehicle. It is good to note that liquid waxes also proved best in cleaning.

Waxes can be sometimes abrasive or rough and tiny particles in car waxes or harsh chemicals can leave fine marks or a haze on your car’s finish. At times, dark-colored vehicles show conspicuous scratches than lighter colored ones. If you own a black or dark vehicle, be especially wary of products that scored low in scratching and hazing tests. The same abrasiveness can make clear surfaces look hazy when the coat or paint is spoiled with fine scratches, giving the paint a poorer look than before waxing. Most of waxes’ packaging indicate whether a product is safe for clear-coat finishes.

Other waxes can create a visible residue on non-glossy plastic parts such as bumpers, body panels, and door trim. These parts are often black or gray, and some newer cars may have many of them. If that sounds like your vehicle, pick a product that scored well in the compatibility with plastic tests. Once wax gets on the plastic part’s surfaces, then it is recommended to use a commercially available plastic cleaner to get rid of it.

So what are the types of car wax?

Car waxes come in several forms. One must check the car wax to his or her car care needs. Generally, car waxes have three types: liquid, paste, and spray. Overall, based on the reviews from costumers in Amazon, I have found that paste waxes are largely preferred and are easier to use than the liquid waxes; liquid waxes cleaned the best too; and spray waxes were easiest to use and left the fewest stains on plastic parts, but they did not last as long as other wax types.

Liquid Wax

This type of wax is good for gloss and longer shine. But it can be difficult to evenly apply and buff out. Most dry out easily and turn to a haze within about a minute but this depends with sunlight and thickness of application.

Liquid wax products that got best costumer experience are:

Sonax. It has special organic and inorganic components that bond together during application creating a strong barrier and a very flat surface. It’s quick and easy to apply with long-lasting protection and high brilliant gloss shine features that have been the common compliments among the costumers.

CarGuys. Other than the product is easy to apply, it’s also environmental friendly since the chemicals used by hard working Americans conform to all safety regulations. Most costumers have noticed the carnauba wax appearance while providing the kind of durable and long lasting protectant of a paint sealant.

Liquid Lustre. It is more like a polish and a wax according to costumers’ reviews since it takes out the oxidation of older cars and trucks. The best part is you don’t have to wait for it to dry like paste wax and no more scrubbing to remove it. Just an easy wipe takes it off!

Pinnacle Natural Brilliance. It gives perfection on all paint and clear coat finishes. Costumers shared that they only need to apply a little amount to a normal-sized vehicle and still get the brilliant shine they want.

Collinite Insulator Wax. Costumers said that it makes the paint slippery with its brilliant shine! Set something on the car and it will slide off. Water beads up and slides off like you cannot believe, and its finish will last at least for months if not for a full season.

Paste Wax

This wax is preferred for its ease of application. But sometimes overall performance is not as good as with liquid waxes, and it might be difficult to take the wax from the container as you almost reach the bottom. Paste waxes commonly dry easily.

Here are the paste wax products that got best costumer experience:

Yellow Wax. Contains Grade #1, 100% pure Brazilian Carnauba wax and claims to be the best natural wax on the planet. Most costumers believe that the product behaves like a much more expensive wax. It’s easy to apply and not difficult to buff off. Not just for cars, but it is also good for boats, wood floors, oak bar rails, painted surfaces and more!

Formula 1. The product is good for all finishes, including clear coat. Its advanced micropolishers that take away minor scratches and haze, bringing out the perfect and rich color of auto paint. The 5-star rating from all its costumers speaks of its best quality!

Nano Care. This paste wax contains the easy-to-use formula that uses nano technology based polishing agents and waxes for greater surface penetration, resilience and gloss. Costumers don’t need much at all and the can covers a lot of cars!

P21S. Vehicles take on an incredible gloss with this exclusive Carnauba-beeswax blend. The product buffs out quickly without powdery residue. Costumers like the product for it does not leave white residue on plastic or within seams.

Pinnacle Signature Series II. The product creates a warm, wet-looking shine with nature’s finest wax and fruit oils. Most costumers love its sizzling shine, depth and reflection that enhance any type and color of paint. Though it’s a little expensive compared to other brands, the product has an exceptional value.


Spray Wax

This type of wax is good for new cars with excellent finishes. It offers convenience, plastic compatibility, ease of use, and spot waxing. This is quick to apply and many can be taken off without drying. But it’s not recommended for cleaning the vehicle and it is worst for durability.

Here are among the spray wax products that got best costumer experience:

Speed Demon. The product is fabricated from advanced particle suspension technology that suspends dust preventing the paint from scratches. Some costumers said that this product stands out from the rest of the quick detailers.

3M Quick Wax. It has a specially designed trigger that offers an easy-to-apply, mist-on-wipe off treatment that can be used on a wet and dry vehicle. Quick Wax can be used daily, weekly or monthly to keep that clean look in the situation when your car runs through a rain storm, or is dirt by bird droppings, or exposed to other outside contaminants that can mess up the shiny, newly waxed look that you want your car to have every day. Costumers gave double thumbs up for this product!

Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash and Wax Anywhere. It is perfect for urban dwellers, those with limited access to water. Wash and Wax safely lifts away dirt and grime while leaving behind a protective layer of hydrophobic wax. Budget-conscious costumers love this product!

Green Clean Quick Wax Superior. It has the purest bio-based ingredients such as soy, corn and carnauba. The product is free of harsh solvents, alcohols or VOCs. Most costumers shared that its shine and protection are both outstanding!

Griot’s Garage Spray-on Wax. Spray-on wax, is just what it does. It is designed to get you from wash to washing with added protectant. Costumers noticed that when used on a regular basis, you will be able to extend or lengthen the life of your natural waxes and paint sealants.

Now if I would be asked if what type of wax is better, I would base it in the amount of time it takes to apply. Spray wax is much faster to apply than paste or liquid wax. But does this mean it is less effective? Well, it all depends. Spray wax is easier to apply evenly to the exterior of the vehicle. One of the reasons people choose to use a spray wax is because they can wax their car in few minutes without worrying about missing a spot. A paste wax creates a better layer of shine and protection for your vehicle which can be very useful during those harsh winter or summer months but it usually takes time to finish a waxing job. Like that of paste wax, liquid wax also takes time in applying, but the type of shine you want for your car really comes out.

On the other hand, I believe that spray wax is just second to the main liquid and paste waxes. Spray wax is just a quicker method to apply wax a little often but the liquid and paste applies a more thorough protecting coat of wax. Typically, it is more of a booster kind of wax.

Thought to ponder

Before waxing your car with any product, it is recommended that you first try to use it on a not easily seen area such as a doorjamb and regardless how much effort you give, how much you spend, or the length of its effectiveness that the manufacturers claim; don’t expect any wax to last indefinitely. Even the best products are just good for few months (which is why a review like this should help extend this amount of time!).

A wax can be a great product for your vehicle; it is just a matter of matching the right product to the condition of paint on the car, your goals and how much time you can spare for a particular waxing job.