If you want to give you car the ultimate glossy, fresh finish, you’ll need high-quality car wax. Luckily, many forms of car wax are available, so you’ll have choices galore! The key to accessing what’s best is learning about the different types of car waxes and going from there.

Once you’ve discovered these car wax products, you’ll be able to find a product which is just right for your needs. It’s all about finding a product which is effective and easy to use.


Spray Car Waxes are Convenient

Spray car waxes are applied to vehicles via convenient spray bottles and they are really simple to use. One popular example is Turtle Wax Ice Spray Wax. It’s a long-lasting formula which offers premium performance. Also, it contains Smart Shield compounds which add protection, in addition to shine. There are many different brands out there, so you won’t be limited to Turtle Wax spray. Shop around in order to find a formula that is right for you.

Once you spray on the wax, just buff it with a clean chamois in order to give your auto a high-gloss, protective finish. Not all brands will protect, as well as add shine, but many of them do provide a barrier against debris and moisture.


Liquid Car Waxes are Sensible Options

Another choice is liquid-type car waxes. They are viscous fluids. In general, you’ll apply the liquid wax to a clean cloth and then put in on your vehicle. Add it in a thin layer, as directed via the bottle’s product usage instructions and then buff with a chamois or other non-abrasive cloth.

One popular example of this product, which is highly-rated by consumers, is Meguiar’s Liquid Wax. It is created using Hydrophobic Polymer Technology which creates a barrier that repels moisture. As well, it gives such a nice, deep shine to painted surfaces. If you want to check out detailed differences between types of waxes check our best wax comparison here.


Paste Car Waxes Are Traditional Choices

Car wax in paste form is the most classic type of car wax. People have been applying paste car wax for decades. To use this form of car wax, such as good, old-fashioned Turtle Wax, just add a dab of the thick paste to a clean, non-scratchy cloth and then spread it in a thin layer onto the car’s surface. After you apply, it will be time to buff with a chamois.


Which Formula is the Best?

Pastes aren’t messy, so they do offer advantages. They won’t drip and they come in smaller containers, such as plastic jars. All of the car wax types we’ve talked about here are easy to use. However, paste is more solid, so it may be easier to control. In general, as long as you follow the instructions, you’ll find that it’s possible to get great results and avoid mess, no matter which product type you use.

Now that you know more about spray, liquid and paste care waxes, you’ll be ready to move forward and choose your preferred formula. Look for products which come from trusted brands and get a lot of great reviews from a lot of people.