All professional car dealers understand the importance of proper preparation before you even think about waxing your car, a step that a lot of auto lovers and enthusiasts jump right over but a step that is mission critical to the success of your finished product.

If you want your car to shine and glisten better than when it first rolled off of the assembly line you are going to need to learn EXACTLY how to prep your car for car where ask, a relatively simple and straightforward process that will give you competition quality results without any headache or hassle.

We are going to break down literally everything you need to know to prepare your car for wax in this quick guide. Pay attention to the inside information below and you’ll be ready to rock and roll!

Washing and decontamination is the first stage of preparation

It is going to be absolutely impossible for you to get the kinds of wax finish you’re looking for if you don’t first take the time to completely clean and decontaminate your car as best you’re able to.

First you’re going to need to start off with warm water that is gently sprayed all over the car to remove the bulk of the debris that may be caked right on your car.

Don’t do any rubbing or scrubbing, as that will cause micro swirls and scratches all over your vehicle, but instead gently pour hot water all over your vehicle to loosen up the gunk you’re going to tackle more addresses in just a moment.

After the majority of the bigger chunks of gunk have been removed from your vehicle with this loose wash you want to then crank up the pressure a little bit and blow off any other pieces that are stuck on. Again, you want to use warm water – warm water, not hot – and then you’ll need to start the soap up process.

Soap up with a spray on solution that you don’t have to worry about rubbing into the finish of your car (again you don’t want to cause any in perfections by turning that debris into sandpaper), and then leave the soap on your vehicle for anywhere between five minutes and 15 minutes or longer to allow it to really lift and release any of the caked on muck you need to remove before waxing.

Dry absolutely EVERYTHING before starting with your wax

Another often overlooked step in how to prep your car for wax as to be the actual drying process, but you just can’t afford to get this wrong.

Get your favorite car wax ready for application. If you don’t have a wax yet and need some guidance, check out our best car wax guide here.

Take a microfiber chamois cloth and running at all over your vehicle, ringing in out as often as necessary until you remove and free drop of water from your vehicle. The you want to then go back over the entire car with another microfiber chamois cloth just to make sure that nothing has slipped through the cracks.

After your car is completely dry you will be able to go over it with a clay bar or any other pre-wax solution that you are thinking about using. Once that base layer is down the you’ll be good to go with your final layers of wax and polish!