Spray wax is so easy to use. It’s a fluid which is applied via a spray applicator. While there are a ton of spray wax products out there, most of them have the same application process and this process certainly isn’t hard to learn. Since spray waxes are created with the ease and convenience of vehicle owners in mind, they are definitely simple to use.

Now, let’s talk about how to use them in order to get the deepest, glossiest shine. A lot of these products also offer protection. They create a barrier which makes water bead up and roll downward. This barrier helps to prevent rust.

Step One – Gather Your Supplies

Pick a nice day and wax your vehicle outside. You might as well catch some rays and relax while you get the job done! Of course, it’s also fine to wax your vehicle in a garage or other indoor space. First, you should gather your supplies and maybe change into some work clothes. If you don’t know which spray wax to choose, check out comparison chart here. While most of these waxes are not messy to apply, it’s always better to wear clothes which are older and not important to you while you take care of your car.

You’ll need clean cloths to buff the spray wax. Also, you’ll need a high-quality spray wax product. In general, these two supplies will be all that are needed, so the process of gathering supplies shouldn’t be too difficult. It’s all about getting these supplies together and then getting going with waxing!

It’s an Easy, Two-step Process

First, your vehicle should be clean and dry. So, wash it if you need to. Then, spray on the wax in order to apply it. Follow the directions. To help out, let’s share the application instructions for one popular type of vehicle spray wax, which is Turtle Wax ICE Spray. Instructions for this best-selling product are very similar to instructions for most other types of spray wax.

To apply, spray a light mist of the product onto exterior glass surfaces. Then, wipe it off with a cloth that is clean and dry. Next, apply a light mist of wax to one body panel at the time. Wipe away as with the exterior glass. Buff with a chamois if you want to release ultimate depth and shine.

While you’re need to use a bit of energy in order to release the deepest shine, waxing your car will give you the opportunity to get a little light exercise and it’s just so easy to follow the two steps. We believe in spray waxes because they save people time. It takes just seconds to cover an exterior window or body panel in a light mist of the product and this is a good thing. Applying other types of car waxes may take longer.

Now that you know how to use these types of products, you’ll be ready to move forward and choose one which is right for you. Once you’ve found an ideal product, wax whenever you want to freshen up the look of your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle.